Thursday, March 8, 2012

At the hospital waiting

We got the back-up call last night a bit after midnight. I'm stunned how calm Beaux was, asking where to go and when to get there. Now we're waiting to see if the liver will go to its intended recipient or if we get it instead.
We don't begrudge the intended recipient at all. It would be really, really difficult to get that call and then go to the hospital and have the liver go to someone else. We'll wait our turn, if it would please just hurry.
It has been an interesting dress rehearsal. Lots of tests -- blood, x-ray, heart monitor -- and so far we're still in the game, which bodes well for when the real day comes. Please let it be soon.
We've met all the surgeons now, as well.


  1. eeek!
    It must all suddenly feel so sudden.
    Fingers crossed for you, my thoughts are with you and the donor family right now.

  2. Lois, thank you SO much for keeping us updated via this blog. You, Beaux and your family are in my prayers as you wait - time just crawls these days, doesn't it? Please give my regards to Beaux.

    Peace, xo, Jay