Sunday, August 25, 2013

Shortest Update

   I really suck. I have been so busy that I've just kind of been living in my own world. Not to mention that I come home from work and I either get sucked into my IPad playing Mystery Manor or I just fall asleep. I have been working overtime for months now and it is only now starting to lighten up. Kind of.
   Well, Lois just had her surgery and is recuperating. Third times a charm, we hope. She is on a liquid diet for the next two weeks. She spent two and a half days in the hospital and is still very sore and struggling with nausea.
   My children started back at school. Too early to tell how things will go. I think they were ready to go back and see their friends
   I have been doing fine. My labs have been looking good. It has been almost a year and a half now since my transplant. Unbelievable. I still find myself thinking back on the days when I would stare blankly; lost and confused when the encephalopathy would take hold. Those moments are haunting.
   Today I am grateful. I am thoughtful. I am generous. I am happy.