Monday, April 25, 2011


   Today I had to get an ultrasound of my left leg. In the past week it has swelled up like crazy and it is very sore. I thought that perhaps I had edema that was going crazy and my coordinator put me back on water pills and potassium. The weird thing is that it is just in my left leg.
   My family doctor was worried that maybe I had a blood clot so he sent me to get an ultrasound and labs. The ultrasound turned out to be fine and my labs were off a little, but there was nothing seriously wrong other than my INR was a little low for the coumadin I am taking. My left leg is covered with psoriasis and it could be related to the swelling. We just don't know. Tomorrow I have an appointment with a rheumatologist because I also have psoriatic arthritis that has been causing me to limp in my right knee. We will see how this appointment goes and see if this swelling could have anything to do with my psoriasis. Right now my family physician is a little stumped and if the rheumatologist can't come up with anything, I will schedule an appointment with my liver clinic. In the meantime, it hurts to walk and after working a 12 hour shift it gets enormous. I simply must stop saying, "What next?"
   Thank you all for checking in with me since my last post. I appreciate everybody's support and prayers.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Need Ice Cream.

   The palsy is doing better. I still have trouble with my eye and my face sagging, plus I have trouble eating and drinking. My condition changes everyday. Some days seem worse than others. Today was actually a good day.
   I had my labs drawn on Friday and my score went back up. I have a score of 20 now. My coordinator told Lois that they transplanted someone last week with that score, but I am willing to bet that it wasn't my blood type. I looked at the UNOS website last night and there are a couple dozen people with my blood type on the list.
   I am tired a lot and ache all over. My muscle cramps havc returned and the Gabapentin doesn't really help. This past month or so has been trying on all of us. Lois and I have both been in the hospital and recuperating hasn't been easy. Lois' surgery doesn't seem to have helped now that we are a month or so out. I continue to try to stay healthy and each day is a little different.
   I mentioned in a previous post that I was hoping to take some pictures in American Fork, but that didn't happen. The photos I wanted are no longer there. I was kind of bummed about that. I guess I just need to get out and take a walk around the block and take some pictures. Lately Aly has been taking my camera to school for her photography class. I am happy about this. When I get better she can help teach me how to use it. She seems to really love the class and is excited about using photoshop for some of their assignments. Jenifer, on the other hand, is happy with her drama class. They just did "Suessical the Musical" and she played Jojo. She was absolutely stunning on stage and her songs were beauitiful. I am so proud of both of them.
   That is all.