Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The worst updater ever...

Okay, first a confession: I may be the worst person ever to leave in charge of your blog while you're sick. I don't take care of it.
That's sad. What's not sad is that Beaux is doing quite well, although he still doesn't feel great. He's clear as can be mentally and even beginning to work a few hours a week. I married a really strong-spirited man.
He also looks great, although he still has the Bell's palsy a little. The difference in him facially since the transplant is astonishing.
But it continues to be an interesting and sometimes peculiar journey. Allow me to share my FB status update:
"File this under kind of funny: When insurance changed a few years ago, we fought to open Beaux's adoption records to see if we would be able to access an anti-rejection drug through his birth tribe. Got the records open and ended up with four parents instead of two, so couldn't tie him to his tribe. (Still trying to figure that out). Went the rounds and finally gained access to the medication. Waited and waited and waited some more to get the transplant. Got it. Now here's the punchline: The drug doesn't work well for him. They're switching him to the old generic one the insurance company always liked. (If that doesn't work, we're in trouble, but I'm betting it will).  What a weird exercise. If everything happens for a reason, I'm stumped."
On the bright side, if they change my insurance again, it won't matter on that one score.
I hope Beaux will be blogging again soon. Fingers crossed.