Sunday, March 18, 2012


It has been a bit up and down the last few days. Beaux has been plagued by a couple of mystery headaches that are likely caused by meds, but they are not quite sure what. This morning, though, after that was controlled, he made five laps around the floor, which is equal to a half mile. This time, he did it without a walker.

He looks great, though it still hurts. And his new liver is doing great. I lack the words to express my gratitude to the donor family that in its grief saved my husband. I hear rumors of a new transplant later today and will pray and hope for those families as well.


  1. YAY keep going Beux, nearly there.
    And, doubt it will help, but when my Prograf levels are high, my main warning is migraine.
    But its understandable that those levels have to be high for now, so, keep fighting it, even if they cant rid right away, there is nothing to say it wont vanish as your levels lower.

  2. Each bit of good news you share gives my heart a lift. Beaux seems to be making progress on every front. I remember having to adjust meds several times after my transplant because of crazy side-effects that ranged from odd to uncomfortable to downright embarrassing. I hope the docs are able to take care of the headaches so Beaux can get down to the business of eating, sleeping and letting his body heal in peace.

  3. Sound like the marathon of meds will take some figuring out. But you are on your way. Healing prayers. teri