Monday, March 12, 2012


Sunday was a rough day, with lots of pain. He did his two laps around the floor, slowly, but spent most of the day being pretty quiet and a bit grim-faced. Still, his numbers are astonishingly good. The liver is functioning very well and no one can be surprised that it hurts at this stage.
Spent the night with alarms going off (he's on a million medications right now, so it makes sense one of them was always running out). I got pretty good at staggering to his bedside, pushing the nurse's button and stumbling back to bed.
This morning the weather is beautiful, he's already had his first walk and he's sitting in the chair. It's going to be a more upbeat day. I can see that already.
What a gift!


  1. YAY
    Keep going
    Pain is only temporary and the medications will slowly come down.
    Side effects last a little longer, but they too will settle with time.

  2. It sounds like he is doing great, considering what he has been through. My husband had a liver transplant, and he was on a ventilator for 2 days and in ICU for your husband is already doing better than that. There will definitely be ups and downs, but things will slowly get better. And what my husband experienced was that the pain could be tolerated due to the fact that he felt better overall. Instantly gone was the intense itching, the bloody noses, the painful muscle cramps, the yellow eyes, etc. So tell him to hang in there. Better days are coming!


  3. Dear Lois,

    I just received an email from Laura saying that Beaux received his liver transplant! I am so relieved to know that he is doing as well as can be expected and that he already did some walking even while in so much pain and discomfort. I will write more in an email very soon but I wanted you both to know that I am holding you very close in my thoughts and prayers. Please take good care of yourself and your beautiful daughters and let Beaux know that I am sending healing prayers.


  4. Reading your posts about Beaux's progress is the highlight of my day(s)! I hope you and Beaux have kind doctors who will look for myriad ways to help control the pain. Many options are available and sometimes you have to be a bit of a squeaky wheel to get the doc's attention. I urge you both to sleep every chance you get, because you'll be busy when you get home. xoxo

  5. So Sunday was grim - let's hope Monday and Tuesday went along better. Continued prayers-xo teri