Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ouch and yum

I took a day off yesterday from updates. Sorry. Lots to do. We had some drug education time with the pharmacy team to prepare us for the medicinal arsenal we'll be employing in the very near future.
Beaux's still doing very well. He looks amazing, although he feels quite miserable. It's hard to define the changes, but he looks like himself again. Still, the pain is quite severe and he's battling a little nausea.
He said especially to thank you for all the nice notes and encouragement. It buoys him.
Today, they're working on changing his pain management from pump to pills and getting him on more solid food. Over the last week, he has had a grand total of two juices, two jellos and one lovely Italian ice. And all the ice chips he can fit on the head of a miniscule spoon.
More later, friends,


  1. Sound like he's making remarkable progress. I'm sure once he gets a little more solid food in him his disposition will improve.

    I'm so delighted to know he has a chance at life ahead of him now. Before you know it all this will be but a memory. Sending tons of love and prayers on the smoke. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. This two will end.
    Pain is temporary and to get so far so quick is huge. You will feel more awake once your off the pump meds. Give it time, remain hopeful and think of all the wonderful years you have ahead with less worry than you have lived with for the past few.

    Thoughts are with you all xx

  3. Ice chip blessings will be but a tiny memory... but what wonderful words. Thank you Lois for letting us know what is happening. BIG gentle hugs... xoxo teri

  4. we're here cheering you on Beaux and Lo!