Sunday, June 28, 2009

They're Winners!

After 6 days, 16 hours and 56 minutes, the Liverators crossed the finish line in Annapolis yesterday morning and took 4th place. As much interest that I had in this race, I didn't have a chance to follow it on a daily basis as I would have liked too because we were in Yellowstone for a few days. When we got back it was time to go back to work.
What little I got to read wasn't very much and I haven't looked at any of the video shots yet. I am in great awe of these men. I wonder if John Marino had any idea of what would come from his vision some 27 years ago. He was determined to do something different and he wanted it to be big. An annual race that has lasted 27 years was probably more than he expected. And while the Race Across America has always been an endurance race, it has also been used as vehicle for fundraisers by more than half its racers.
The Race Across America is not a stage race. You start on the west coast and finish on the east coast when you cross the finish line. Whether you are participating in a two-man team, a four-man team or the eight-man team, you only rest in shifts.
For some final statistics look
. Great Job Team Donate Life (TDL) Liverators.


  1. It is an impressive achievement for these teams to be able to complete this race.

  2. How great! I am happy you visited my blog the other day so I could find yours.

  3. Laoch, My legs hurt just thinking about it. Impressive indeed.

    Debbie, It is me Beaux from 'This Isn't Happening.' You stopped at my other blog.