Wednesday, June 24, 2009

TDL Liverators update

Team Donate Life (TDL) Liverators hit Timestation #32 in Jefferson City, MO., at 19:04:00 tonight. A distance of 1911.70 miles from the start. I read a couple of blogs from the team members and they are all exhausted and sore. The crews are excited and full of adrenaline. TDL Give Hope arrived a couple of hours earlier at Timestation #32 at 17:05:00 and proceeded to Timestation #33 racing through severe heat and into extreme weather with thunder and lightning storms. Temperatures have been brutal and reaching into the 90's with almost 100% humidity. I would suspect the thunderstorm would have felt nice. They were also faced with some very strong crosswinds throughout the day that would have been nasty.
I missed out on the first few days but all the teams seem to be doing great. There are 8 eight man teams and the TDL Liverators are in 4th place. I have been pretty excited about this race and I am hoping all the racers do well.


  1. That is cool. You should post links to the blogs so we can read them too!

  2. Mary, this is one of the LINKS that is on the Team Donate Life website. There are just too many blog links and I have found it difficult to maneuver the website. I end up just jumping all around and then I forget where I was.