Tuesday, April 28, 2009

You Can't Have Just One (They Melt in your Stomach, Not in your Mouth)

This is my new regimen. I am now taking the ten small pills in the pill box each day along with the other four horse pills that I can't fit in the box. Plus I get to swig down the stuff in the brown bottle 2 to 3 times once a day. Thankfully I only have to take the shot once a week and I only have 6 more shots left after tonight.
Today I had another endoscopy and they found some minimal bleeding. I talked to the doctor about my ascites and he upped my dosage of the water pills. Before we even start thinking about a paracentesis procedure or the TIPS we are going to stay on the diuretics. He also upped my beta blocker because I have portal hypertension symptoms that can cause more bleeding. The beta blocker worries me just a little because any sudden movements or getting up too fast can actually lay you down real fast. I will just have to keep that in mind when I am rushing to put out any fires. Which I occasionally do. Because sometimes during my day job I have to put on my cloak and pretend I am superman. I'm just saying...
Yesterday I had a contrast CT scan and my Bubble Echo Cardio thingamajig and I am waiting to hear how that went. Plus they ended up taking more labs to check my MELD score. It seems that when they update your transplant status they don't want to use your labs from two weeks ago. They want them fresh from two days ago.
I am really feeling good with this transplant center. Everyone is very nice and helpful and willing to talk about any of the issues I bring up. Or it could be that I am loopy and under the influence of anesthesia and I am just making this up. Either way I win.


  1. Wow,that is enough pills to get full on. Ugh.

    "Either way I win." That line cracked me up.

  2. Yes *Mary*, it is insane. But that is nothing compared to post transplant. I may be taking about three times as much later. Maybe even four. Then they start to wean you.

  3. Scary photo. Good wishes as always.

  4. Wow, does that pill case look familiar. My liver specialist must have me on an almost identical regimen. Sometimes I feel like pills are replacing food in my diet.

    Good luck with the transplant.

    On Shifting Sands