Tuesday, April 7, 2009

When it Rains it Pours

Well it looks like April is going to be a very busy month for our household. Today I went to see an eye specialist because my eyes are always watering. It turns out my tear ducts are both messed up. One of them had to be routered out because it had grown closed for whatever reason and the other one was evidently severed a long time ago. It was still draining so they decided to leave it alone. I had a needle jabbed in my eyelid so that they could numb it, and then to make it worse I had to sit there and watch the doctor poke around my eye because I obviously couldn't shut them while the doctor did his job. Well, I guess I could have shut one eye but that wouldn't have helped me. I go back in two weeks. Later this month I am having another CT scan and then I am having another endoscopy. The last endoscopy really hurt. As soon as they started the IV line it burned like crazy. Oh what fun. I am going to try and see if I can talk my transplant coordinator into letting me get my blood work done too. I also have another blood lab I need get done this coming week and I have to get in to see the dentist.
Lately I have noticed new things are beginning to happen. I am having a difficult time with shortness of breath. I think I have fluid in my lungs. I will have to see my primary doctor about this. Whenever I over exert myself my chest feels oddly different and sometimes when I'm talking I can't finish my sentences because I run out of breath. My cramps still come and go but I found that if I slip one of those elastic knee braces over my calves at night I don't get any cramps. This seems to work. Life is good.
Oh yeah, and next week my wife is having sinus reconstruction surgery with follow ups for the next six weeks. Thank heaven for insurance.


  1. Remember though- April showers bring May flowers, right?

    Ugh, I can't deal with my eyes being touched, poked at, prodded, OR bitten by a cat, lol. I hope that goes well.

    I hope you don't have fluid in your lungs. Definitely get that checked out as soon as possible!

    Man, REALLY thank heaven for insurance. I was foolish and let mine go when I decided to stay home with Violet. Dumb dumb dumb idea!

    Lo- I hope your sinus surgery is quick and with an easy recovery, too! I need to have that myself BUT will have to wait until I am once again insured.

    Take care you guys!

  2. Beaux.

    I am sorry you are having to do all of this. I am glad you have your family and friends who care. You have courage I think it would be hard to match. Take care of your self. Did you do updates in the care pages? I want to hear how things are with you and anything you want to share
    Please let me know how things go....really

  3. *mary*

    I am certainly looking on the brighter side of things and anxious for those May flowers. I forgot about your eye. How is it? The one thing I hear about eye injuries is that they are quick to heal. Thanks for all your support. After reading Linda's post below, I was reminded that I wanted to put you on my carepage e-mail list but I don't have an e-mail for you. I think you can still find me at carepages though. Here is the link: http://www.carepages.com/
    You should be able to find me there at http://www.carepages.com/carepages/beauxkyle
    Take care.

  4. Linda, thanks. I haven't updated but I was writing something the other day. I will definitely keep you updated. I hope you are doing well. I sent you an e-mail the other day but it crashed. Here is the link I was trying to send you: http://sandfantasy.com/

    xx Be well,beaux

  5. Wince, wince as to your eyes. Not being able to breathe well is truly awful. I hope they can do something to ease it a bit for you. Sending good healing vibes.