Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sniff, sniff

I went to see my regular doctor today and he had my new lab results in. I wanted so much to ask him to call up the UNOS website so that we could plug in my new numbers to find out what my new MELD score was but, because I had already dropped in without making an appointment I thought that might be rude of me. He had asked me the other day to come back in a couple of days, but I had no idea that I was supposed to re-schedule. I don't think he seemed to mind, but the nurses station didn't seem to be too happy.
We discussed the breathing problems I have been having and the new medication he prescribed. The good news was that I have no fluid in my lungs. We pretty much determined this on Monday when I went in to see him. But the one thing that my chest x-rays showed was that there was some back pressure creating some blockage. This is probably what has been causing me all my problems. The new meds are diuretics that should help me out. I know they are working.
We left and dropped off yet another prescription at the drug store for some potassium and then went home. I ran to my computer and booted it up while I waited patiently impatiently for it to come online. I called up the UNOS site and plugged in my new numbers and my MELD had dropped a number. I was kind of disappointed to say the least. I had actually thought if it had changed it would of at least gone the other way. I guess this is a good thing and I should look at it with the opportunity to get more things in our lives situated before things do start moving in the other direction. I still have more test at the end of the month and my transplant coordinator threw in another one. It's a bubble echo heart thingamajig.
That is all.


  1. It doesn't take much to send the nurse's staioninto a tizzy, does it? Haha. Glad the diuretics are working. Hope the "thingamajig" goes well, too!

  2. I really hate taking my diuretic but it does seem to help me and I hope it will help you.