Friday, March 25, 2011

What Now?

   Yesterday I found myself having difficulty drinking and eating without having some dribbling problems. I figured that it was related to my cold and I just had some swelling going on. This morning I woke up and it was more pronounced and I told Lois about it. She said, "I wonder if maybe you had a stroke?"
   Not ever having a stroke before, I replied, "How would I know? I've never had one."
   After I got to work I was talking to a co-worker and he said, "Maybe you had a stroke or something." This freaked me out so I called Lo and told her I was worried and she said call your doctor and see if you can get in today. After explaining to the nurse some of the symptoms that I was feeling, she told me to get to the ER because it sounded like it could be a stroke.
   So off I went with Lois and the first thing the RN said was, "Just looking at you, I'm thinking that you have Bells Palsy." She explained that it can often be triggered by a respiratory viral infection. That made sense, since I was coming out of a really bad cold. The doctor came in moments later and confirmed it. They did a CT scan of my brain to make sure I wasn't bleeding and found a sinus infection, too. I am on prednisone for the next 11 days and some other anti viral stuff. Plus at night I have to tape my eyelid closed because it doesn't want to close on its own.
   Just when I think things are settling down, wouldn't you know it. Ugh.


  1. I am glad you did not have a stoke. I can tell you that they are pretty awful. That feeling you have where your face is frozen is quite unpleasant as well. I hope it clears up soon.

  2. Hi Beaux

    I'm so sorry you're having this problem. I woke up one Sunday morning 10 years ago and couldn't smile. I couldn't close my eye and like you, went to the ER. Bells Palsy was the diagnosis. I saw a neurologist - same diagnosis. It took me about 6 weeks to finally be able to smile - I wore a patch over my bad eye - that was very helpful. It was scary, but I did get will too. Take care of yourself - try and lessen your stress load (I know, easier said than done). Positive thoughts heading your way.

  3. Laoch, Thanks. Better Bells than a stroke. :)

    Ron's Liver Transplant,
    It was frightening and it is definitely very uncomfortable. I am taping the eye at night as prescribed by the doctor. I still can't get it taped closed far enough though. When I shut it I still see light with both eyes closed. My face feels like a dentist numbed one side.
    I hope Ron is doing well.

  4. Yes, I had the same numb feeling. It affected my eyebrow, eye (wouldn't close) and my smile. You can purchase a patch - that's what I'd do - check with your drug store. They really don't know what causes Bells Palsy - some say: virus, green potatoes, and of course, stress! I was under tremendous amound of stress before mine struck. Sometimes when I'm tired, my eye will sag a little but other than that - it's completely gone. Don't give up. It will get really will. I was scared it wouldn't go away - so I had my husband take my picture every couple of days - and from the photos I could see I was making progress. You'll have to wait it out. I'll pray for you.

    Ron is doing marvelous - I'm happy to say - thank you for asking.


  5. OH Beaux, I'm so sorry you are going through this. They worried about Bells Palsy for me at one point after I had a horrendous case of shingles that ended up being the trigger for a major MS exacerbation. And I've had other problems with partial paralysis in my left eye also due to MS. It cleared up for the most part, it is now hard to tell from looking at me.

    I will pray for you my friend.

  6. Beaux- I for one am so heartened by what Pam/Ron is saying here in the comments- Continued prayers- and I will look forward to some photos from you... xoxo teri

  7. Teri,
    Always nice to hear from you. As always, it is a pleasure to read your post and see your pictures. But I must admit I've been a little lacking in this area with everyone.
    I too liked the comment from Pam and Ron and advice and insight means so much to me. Just hearing from you and others lifts my spirit. I hope you are doing well and having a nice Spring.


  8. Beaux - El sucko grande! Seems like it's always something, doesn't it? Your experience sounds very alarming, to put it mildly. My hope is that this turns around and your life becomes incredibly boring for a while. With the ups and downs in our world, boring is such a nice change of pace. Wishing you peace. Jay