Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Just A Bug

(Tuesday morning ~ 6:ish)

I woke up this morning and nothing had changed. I felt incredibly sore. My stomach hurt like crazy. Lois went to work early so I had to mind the clock and make sure the girls got off to school all right. I just barely closed my eyes after I heard my wife leave when I heard the oldest daughters cell phone alarm chirping. She had planned a backup. What a wonderful daughter. I heard her rousing her sister out of bed and then I decided to look at the clock. 7:14 am.
"Girls," I asked, "What are you doing up?"
"We don't know." They said.
"You still have twenty more minutes. Go back to bed."
I think we need to work on that alarm thing.
Twenty minutes later my alarm started chirping and I heard the girls getting up. Sweet angels.
I played dead for twenty-five more minutes and listened to them quietly getting ready for school. They were being extra quiet because they knew I wasn't feeling good. And then I heard them saunter out the front door and shut the door ever so quietly - sllaamm. Such good girls!

(10:40 am)

I don't feel anything. I am not groaning. The throbbing pain is all gone. After sleeping for more than 2 1/2 hours I am suddenly feeling back to normal. I am sore as all get out but I think I am back to normal. Unbelievable.

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  1. Sometimes extra sleep is the only thing that can make us feel human again.

    Your girls are learning to be compassionate, little beings and that is a very good thing.