Monday, January 23, 2012

Pins and Needles

   I have my Endoscopic Ultrasound tomorrow. Hopefully I will learn what I need to know before I go home. I understand that if it doesn't look threatening, than the doctor will be able to tell me right then. But, if they have to do a biopsy I may have to wait another week.
   This past week has moved by slowly. Once again we have been on pins and needles. Waiting to have this test done kept us on edge for three weeks and when it was cancelled I still felt it wasn't over. That nagging feeling proved right when my coordinator called later in the week only to tell us that there had been an awful mistake and that we would have to take the test after all. We have had to wait another 11 days and I have allowed myself to feel disconnected. I am certain that it has been some protective mechanism to keep me from going insane. The test results teeter between devastating and miraculous news. I will know when I see the expression on Lois' face. I am looking forward to seeing a bright smile.

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