Friday, January 13, 2012

Looks like we're going to have to do this thing after all.

The cancelled test is back on the calendar. Cancel the all-clear on the pancreatic question.
Oh, that's right. The hospital cancelled the all-clear.
I was never very comfortable with this EUS (Endoscopic Ultra Sound) cancellation. I had even pressed my transplant coordinator as to what the deal was. For instance, there was a conversation between the EUS specialist and one of my other transplant doctors discussing my CT scans and they agreed that the findings didn't warrant any further testing. But the transplant doctor I usually see was sure we should be certain. I found myself wanting a definitive answer, but Lois was just happy it wasn't pancreatic cancer. And after we discussed it, we decided we'd feel blessed and move on.
Not so fast. The transplant coordinator called yesterday, but we were out getting Jeni a kitten. Today, she finally reached me with the news: The radiologist who decided we didn't need the specialized test we waited three weeks for had not actually seen the right CT report. The decision was based on incomplete information. When the coordinator tried to track down how the entire thing came about, the original transplant doctor who wanted the scan done had a Eureka! moment and suggested they weren't considering the complete report.
He nailed it.
So, this time, we only wait 11 more days because they decided to get us in "right away."
It's slated for my birthday. I'll either get a really great present -- a cancer all clear -- or it will be a birthday I never forget. For all the wrong reasons.
Lois cried. I'm actually kind of relieved. Not that she cried, but because now we'll know.


  1. Holy wow, did they ever mix things up. Prayers on the smoke you get the all clear sweet friend. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Ugh. I hope your test will come out well.

  3. Good grief... <3 beyond belief... sending prayers.