Thursday, November 10, 2011

What a Week

   Today I was overwhelmed with all that has been happening. I have been doing very well keeping depression on the back burner, but once in a while things get to me. I think time is starting to take its toll. I want so much for this to be over with and yet I know it is going to take however long it's going to take. It doesn't help knowing that my region has one of the longest waiting periods, or that my numbers have held steady at 22 for the last three months. Anyhow, I'm feeling much better now.
   I have been without my computer for the past few days. My battery died some time back and I have been running of my power cord alone. Last week my cord started shorting out and I had to order another one because I was tired of holding it in the same position so I could use it. And when I say I had to order it I mean Lois had to order it. When I finally got the cord it decided it wanted a new battery because it kept turning itself off. So I had to order another one. And again, I mean Lois had to order me another. It finally came today and so far it seems to be running okay. Except when I first put the battery in it fell right out. And then it did it again when I put it in the second time. (You have got to be kidding me) I thought. So I literally slapped it in on the third time and it stayed. (Oh, thank you!) I smiled. Now the brightness keeps dimming out and I have to go back and adjust it every 15 minutes. I think I have finally got it figured out.
   Lois is slowly healing. She is still very sore, but she has had no problem with swallowing or reflux. Hopefully everything is going to get better. We just need to get her through the next 6 months without sneezing.
   Well, it is late and I need to get to sleep. Many thanks to all my friends that keep sending me notes and a warm welcome to the some new followers on each of my blogs. I'll try to get out and get some pictures this coming week. Peace be with you.


  1. Darn computers, darn long waits, darn body parts that don't function the way they should. As always you are a marvel. Do you think Louis could order me the part I need for my computer...just kidding. Think of you often. xo teri

  2. So good to read your update. Glad Lois is on the road to recovery - sounds like her surgery and follow-up care went much better this time.

    I can appreciate your frustration and desire to move forward. Limbo - been there, don't like it. I keep reading studies that show that healthier patients (relatively speaking) fare better during/after transplant. A MELD score of 22 should be high enough, don't you think? Sigh. Well, as negative or sad as it sounds, I've heard that more organs are available in Nov. and Dec. than other months. My transplant was performed in early Dec., in fact.

    Be sure to put "liver" at the top of your Christmas wish list! You and your family remain in my prayers.