Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sherwood Forest

   Today I have felt nothing but utter exhaustion. Everything hurts. My skins aches from the psoriasis and I am so tired. Even though I have increased the medicine I use for encephalopathy, it doesn't seem to do a lot for me anymore. I am going to have to talk to my coordinator about this.
   Lois and I have arranged to take some time off. We decided we are going to the Redwoods this Summer. It is a little far from home, but my score is only 17 and I suspect it will be a while before it goes back up to where it once was. I get it checked in the second week of June, perhaps there will be a slight increase. I'm guessing it will be safe enough for me to travel in the meanwhile.
   I think the Redwoods will be nice to see this time of year. I have never been there and don't even know where to start. We've decided Eureka will be as good a place as any, and the ocean is close by. The girls will enjoy that. I know that Lois and I are ready for a break. Maybe some fresh air and some time off will do us all some good.


  1. Good for you-Good for your family. I pray for your continued ability to be open to blessings. Fresh air and fresh things to see will indeed be a blessing- xo teri

  2. this sounds like a good plan Beaux. Gord and I are trying to envision some time away...we too need a break from everything...just us, away from the kids. It might not happen for a while. We are also in the midst of planning our summer trip to the sea shore (me, our girls, my mom, my sister, sil and all 5 of the other kid-cousins) in a few weeks. I'm hoping that my new meds will be ok and I'll be able to make the trip.

    I would love to see the giant redwoods...I bet their ancient energy, their beautiful, silent presence will give you some strength and peace my friend. I hope that Lois is feeling better these days. I'm so sorry that you are feeling so crummy.