Thursday, June 9, 2011


   I went to see my dermatologist and we are going to do the Enbrel treatments again. I'm not really looking forward to this, but if it gets rid of the psoriasis, then I guess that's what I need to do. This time they are going to have me take the shots twice a week instead of once, and there is a pill I will be taking that has some awful side effects. One of them is severely dried chapped lips. If this happens I have to wing myself off the pills one by one until it stops. The second one is that I may have bad headaches that won't go away. I get rid of the headaches the same way.
   The swelling in my feet came back again and now it is in both feet. My clinic seems to feel that the edema and the psoriasis are aggravating each other and causing the swelling. My ankles are very swollen and I am wearing my house slippers to work. My dermatologist looked at my latest outbreak and agreed with what the doctors at the clinic had to say. He said that what is probably happening is the blood is only flowing so far down my legs and then backing up and the water is accumulating in my lower legs. All I know is that it's uncomfortable.
   In other news, the Bells Palsy is starting to get a little better. I notice it mostly when I sleep because I drool. Plus when I talk I still slur my speech. It is the weirdest thing ever to feel your face all scrunched up like this.

   The girls just got out of school this week. The oldest got honorable mentions in the Kiwanis Club's terrific kid award, a Presidential certificate and medal for Academic Excellence, A certificate in Language Arts and received another certificate for highest GPA average between 3.8 and 4.0. along with 9 others. She had straight A's this last quarter. Pretty darn awesome.
   Aly's school didn't have all the awards because she just graduated from 7th grade, but she also received A's and one A minus. I am very proud of the two of them.

   That is all.


  1. Nice to ear that your children are doing well in school. Kudos to them.

  2. Hope the treatment helps.
    And way to go kids!!

  3. I am so proud of both girls! So awesome, but of course what would you expect with such awesome parents :o)

  4. I guess we could give your body a D for all the trouble it gives you. I am glad your girls are such blessings. I am glad the world has things like good children and bedroom slippers. xo teri

  5. I'm so sorry Beaux that you are so terribly uncomfortable my friend. Why oh why can't they just deliver the liver already???? So unfair.

    way to girls!!! My youngest will be receiving an award for distinguished academic achievement for maintaining a 3.7 or above for four years running through middle school on Wed...that includes the year she missed so much school because she was so sick with crohn's and in the eldest received an award for academic excellence in Anatomy and of two Jr.s to receive this this year...So good to feel proud of our kids, huh? Gives us something positive to think about.

    sending you healing energy and prayers