Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th

   I called the lab on Tuesday and asked for the three test that determine my MELD score. As I copied down the numbers I could tell that it was unlikely my score had changed very much, something both Lois and I have become pretty familiar with. When I entered the new numbers into the UNOS calculator, I found that my score only went up one point. At first I was a little sad, but taking it all in, it is what it is. My numbers will go back up again. Hard to believe at one point I was at 23 and have now dropped to 17.
   My coordinator finally got me in to see one of my doctors today about my foot. Not a lot of news there. The thought is that my psoriasis and edema combined are exasperating the swelling. Now that I am back on a diuretic the swelling seems to have gone down. The doctor wants me to continue monitoring it and contact them if it gets worse. It still hurts and dealing with the Bells Palsy, swollen joints and my psoriasis has really been somewhat painful, and that isn't even touching what else I am going through with the liver disease. Right now there is just a lot of creaking and groaning and fatigue. My energy level has been really low so I haven't even bothered to post until now, and I was waiting to see what I learned at the doctors.
   The one positive thing that I keep getting is that the clinic seems pretty surprised that I am still working and holding my own. This makes me feel hopeful that I can maintain a certain amount of strength leading up to transplant. I'm hoping to walk into the hospital when I finally get the call and not already be hospitalized as many patients are.
   Be well.


  1. You amaze me with your strength and courage dear friend. I continue to keep you and yours in my prayers on the smoke. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. What a wonderful man you are! Sorry to be so straight but it's really what I think of you.
    As you posted on my blog I also think of you often and wish you'ld feel better than you do.
    However I know you must feel not so good in order to achieve your new liver.Does this make any sense?For me it does not but doctors know better...
    Give my love to your 3 girls.
    Always keeping you in my everyday prayers.