Sunday, February 1, 2009

my tummy hurts

Do you know how most people usually stuff themselves over the holidays? Or how on Thanksgiving Day we tend to over stuff ourselves as full as the turkey's that we are eating? This is how I generally feel when I get sick. Only worse. I get a constant stomach ache that just doesn't go away. They usually last for a number of days and they are almost always very painful.
I have been sick now since Friday night and nothing helps. I can't take things like Pepto Bismo because it is harmful to my liver. During these spells my stomach swells and I feel bloated. My muscles hurt and I start to cramp. I get back aches and I wrestle with vomiting and diarrhea. It is hard to sleep because the pain is so uncomfortable. And every time I mention that I am doing well or that things have been good, I end up getting sick again. (I really need to stop doing that).
These bouts come and go and there is no way to distinguish just what triggers them. I am thinking that maybe it is the food I am eating at the time. Or it is one drink I shouldn't have had. A cup of coffee. A can of pop. That oh so yummy sandwich from the corner deli.
This weekend has only been slightly miserable. Usually when this happens I am doubled over crying. I don't get why this is any different but I am thankful that it is not worse.
Anyhow, this has been my weekend. And just a few moments ago my transplant coordinator called me to tell me that they need me to come in so they can get new labs. Maybe this is a good thing. Taking blood on a sick day. It would seem as though the numbers might change being this sick. I guess we'll find out.

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