Tuesday, February 10, 2009

There's a new game in town.

Well we finally saw the doctor today. Nothing has changed. My MELD score is still 11 and I suppose that is a good thing. My weight has gone up a few pounds more. The doctor doesn't really seem to think I have ascites. He thinks it's just weight gain. Which is a good thing considering I really don't want anybody draining fluid out of my body.
I have another endoscopy in April or May, and I need another CT scan in three months. So I guess I got a clean bill of health. And oh yeah...he assured me that I will still be getting sick. That's something I have to look forward too.
He was very nice. We are basically meeting up with a whole new team of doctors since the hospital went through some problems among the old transplant team. I don't know the whole story but, from what I do know I should probably just keep my mouth shut. The point is I have new doctors now and it sounds like they all have some wonderful credentials and the experience to back it up with.
I'm hungry... Wait a minute...if I'm not sick am I just fat?


  1. You will be alright. live the present moment fully and revel.And live life powerfully. Doctors will do their job, you do yours. Take care

  2. I like your sense of humor! Sometimes that is the greatest gift of all. I used to be amazed at what my mother could laught at...now I can understand how healing it can be