Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm alive

   I experienced my first serious spell of encephalopathy this week. I'm pretty sure I managed to scare my youngest. I was incoherent and nothing I was saying was making any sense at all. I had to have Aly call Lois at work and she came home to babysit. We almost went to the E.R. but I drank some lactulose, ate some food and took a nap. Eventually I started feeling better. This was the second time I had a big scare like this. The first was back in the beginning when I was terrified of throwing up, thinking that my varices would start bleeding again. I've had a couple hard weeks this month. My health seems to be changing a lot. I am tired all the time and I hope that I can hang in there at work.
   I am thankful for the emails and the comments I've received lately. But I am not always up to the task of writing and getting back to everyone when they stop by. My sincere thanks to all my visitors


  1. Sounds gruesome. Hopefully you will move up on the list soon.

  2. I remember some scary episodes and oddly thinking I was going scuba diving, not sitting in a chair.

    Hang in there and if things get any worse, get your clinic app bought forward, as blood tests might help things.

    Thinking of you

  3. Dearest Beaux...I am so sorry that you are so very ill, that you must continue to wait for a transplant, that I have not been by to say hello. I've been sick too, but not as ill as you my friend. I remember you in my healing prayers always and your beloveds too. It is so scary for our kids to see us sick. I know it takes a lot out of my girls, and they are a little bit older than yours. Last week they both helped with simple things like flushing my IV and my 14 year old removed my catheter, she wanted to know how so we let her.

    She is determined right now to be a neurologist, treat patients, do research, teach... I don't doubt that she will one day.. love can be a strong motivator to finding cures and healing others!

    Rest well, my friend. I'm so glad you were able to go see the Redwoods!!!

    ps. I hope Lois is feeling ok these days too.

  4. sending more blessings of strength and courage- we are here...