Thursday, September 16, 2010


I had my labs drawn on Monday and received my new MELD score today. I have moved up from a score of 21 to 23. Although this seems like a slight jump, it is actually pretty significant. This has put me in that obscure range where anything can happen. I am now with that handful of people who wait and bide their time. I am suddenly thinking in terms that I need to pack a bag to throw in the car. I am thinking that I should clean my bathroom from top to bottom and disinfect it. Maybe I should sterilize my house? I wonder how far from home I can actually venture? I have a two hour river rafting trip on Saturday and I'm half afraid to go. 
For two years I have waited for this moment and now I'm just confused. Tick-Tock.


  1. Yeah... Maybe just sit with it for a while. Take some deep breaths. Go slow. *hug*

  2. Oh are getting closer. My husband was at 24 or 25 when he went on the list and got his transplant. He was only on the list for 10 days, but that was because he was so bad when he went on it. I wish you well, my friend. Just hang in there, those better days are just around the corner.

    Linda, Wichita

  3. You're almost there, my friend. In my heart I feel everything is going to be ok with you in a short time. Lois and the girls must also be a bit nervous but I'm sure they are a big support to you in this stage of your illness.
    You're in my prayers.

  4. Once it happens, it will all feel right.
    I do think you are right, that you should perhaps pack a few things that you will want in the hospital, you will feel better overall knowing that they are there.

    But that being said there wont be much you will need to begin with. I would more so advise packing a distraction bag. Once you get a call, you maybe called into the hospital and have to sit around for a couple of hours before you get the go ahead. So perhaps things like word searches, that dont take much focus, but will give you a distraction.

    As for your trip, maybe see if they have radios and such, so that, if you get the call, you can still get in pretty quick.

  5. I feel very unqualified to offer anything useful in the way of information. Instead I send blessings of calm for you and your family. And know that your blogger family is sending you lots of love. I think B_A offered the most helpful advice- the distraction bag is perfect. Keep posting your photos when you can (on your Reflections blog-) I really enjoy your work.

  6. Thank you everyone. If there is one thing that this blog has done for me besides giving me an outlet to vent, it has brought me many wonderful friendships. I can't express enough what your words mean to me. Just know that they are well received and with great affection.
    B.A., I hope you are starting to feel somewhat better. So far I have packed underwear and a tooth brush and tooth paste.
    Best wishes to all of you.

  7. I don't kow all the detaisl of your illness, nor do I have any medical trainning, but I think you should hit the rafting trip if possible. It would be good for the soul.

  8. sending you love and support and many prayers for good health to be yours in the very near future.

  9. Keep those microbes at bay!!!
    I have a surprise waiting for you at my blog :)