Thursday, October 15, 2009

High Risk

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Today one of my co-workers didn't come to work because he's got Swine Flu. I figured since I have a compromised immune system I'd better see if I could get in some place and see if I could get the H1N1 vaccine. 
I called my transplant center and they referred me to the Health Department. They said they were out and didn't expect any until November 1st. 
I then called my doctor's office on the off chance their clinic had some on hand and struck out. It appears it is unavailable everywhere and if there is any around you have to call all over the city and hope that somebody tells you they have some.
I have not really given Swine Flu much thought because I have honestly been more worried about West Nile disease. Especially because I live in a neighborhood with a million mosquitoes. But now that the flu has made a stop in our shop I'm kind of weary. Suddenly two weeks seems like a long ways away.


  1. I definitely think the media has it blown out of proportion, as the seasonal flu kills thousands every year. Apparently not everyone knew this. But yeah, now that I am running into people who (after breathing on me) inform me that their child/ mother/ girlfriend/ whomever is recovering from Swine Flu. Oh thanks!

    I'm not so much worried for myself but I have to admit being very much scared for Violet. We've had four deaths attributed to the H1N1 strain at the local hospital, so yeah it's worrisome.

    I hope we can all avoid it! Purell Power!

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  3. I'm not even sure what to think about the flu shot yet. My daughter has been a Type I diabetic since she was 18 months old. We're suppose to get her shots every year, but never fail - the few times I gave into that, every single time she got one - she wound up with the flu.

    ...and it was worse than not having the shot.

    This is neither a recommendation or promotion to dissuade. I'm not qualified to tell anyone else what is best - just sharing a story.

    I was thinking about what you said in your previous post too - and this I feel fairly confident in being able to say..... tell your wife if you do feel bad. You're not a whining type person. You're just going through a tough time.

    You don't sound like you make any demands or criticize or belittle or lash out over it - so definitely tell her. That's the sharing part that evokes compassion and draws you closer.

    You're not meant to suffer alone any more than she is...and if your wife didn't feel good, wouldn't you want her to tell you?

    That's *not* weakness either and women are capable of handling far more than we're given credit for. Don't cut her out. That just isolates you both.

    You two share something very admirable. It's nice to see.

  4. Clearly, it's far too early in the morning for me. Pretend I didn't screw up the HTML when I wrote "smiles" and see it as italicized in your mind.


  5. *mary*
    I don't know what I think. I feel very bad for my friend at work though. I called him at home today and his wife said he was doing very bad.
    BTW, I am liking your new picture.

    I agree.

    I never really liked getting the flu shot, but I did because Lois can be pretty insistent at times. I remember getting real sick after a shot a couple of years ago. I had a co-worker once say to me, "Did you ever notice that you get sick every year after you get your flu shot?" Up until then I hadn't noticed.
    As far as the other post goes, once again you have given me pause to look at things from two different perspectives. I would certainly want Lois to share with me how she was feeling if things were different.