Friday, June 12, 2015


   I haven't been here for almost a year and a half. 
   For my old friends, yes, I'm still alive.
   A lot has happened in our family within this time. Yesterday my oldest daughter had brain surgery. Last week she graduated from high school. Her summer will be spent recuperating. 
   My youngest is and has been working for the past several months. She is going to Guatemala in two weeks for two weeks. 
   I responded well to the new Hep-C treatment and I am viral free. I am healthy. 
   My wife continues to struggle with her esophagus problems. We haven't found any promise on this front. Surgery is often useless and the quick cure usually involves an endoscopy.
   We remain strong and continue to forge through all that we confront. We are blessed to have so many friends.
   If you recall I was adopted and I was searching for my family. I have found them. Fifty years after my adoption I was reunited with my mother, three brothers, two sisters and many relatives. I am uncle to dozens of children. The story is fascinating, much too long to explain in simple sentences.
   I stop only to write these things because I just happened to stumble across this blog. I have been gone for a very long time. I hope to visit again. Soon. The memory of this place brings back that old familiarity. Recently friends have reached out to me and so I felt drawn to return.
   Say a prayer for my daughter. 
   Be healthy. Be happy. Be strong.


  1. Beaux-
    That time - seems so long ago. Such struggles, such strength. Much love to you and the wonder of your found family. Much love to your wife and children. Prayers for your daughters surgery. Prayers for safe journey for your other daughter.

    I think of you often and send much love. Love and light- Teri

  2. You know I'm always praying for you and your family every step on this journey my friend. I feel reiki flowing through my fingers as I type this message for Lois and your beautiful daughter J. xoxo

  3. Thank you, Teri and Laura. That means the world to me. You are both so kind and I'm happy to have you as friends. Jeni is healing fine, although it will be a couple months until we know how successful the surgery was and we are all doing well. Wishing you both happiness and good health.

    1. <3 We love you and always have you in our hearts. I hope Jeni is doing well. So sorry she had to endure surgery and recovery. xoxoxo Teri

    2. Thank you Teri, thinking of you. I hope all is well with you and your family.