Tuesday, December 20, 2011


    I've had a few people ask me about my test results from my CT scan. I apologize for my delay. The truth of the matter is we received news last Tuesday that my CT scan showed no occlusion in the portal vein or TIPS. But on Friday one of my doctors called and said that after reviewing the CT scan again, they found what appears to be a cyst on my pancreas. I asked him about treatment and he said that they would have to go in and drain it to see if it was cancerous. He also told me that most pancreatic cysts are benign and that he didn't feel like there was anything to worry about. Of course it is hard not to worry about; so I have been dealing with this in my own head.
   When I asked him what would happen if there was cancer, he said that they would have to remove part of the pancreas and that in the worst case scenario I would be removed from the transplant list. The procedure is called an EUS and my appointment is scheduled for the 10th of January. That gives me a whole lot of time to worry. Sigh.


  1. Oh, crap. That's too much time to worry and ponder - my worst enemies. I'm one of your biggest cheerleaders and wish all the best for you and yours. This is a tough time of year to worry, particularly when you have kids.

    Please enjoy the holidays. As you always do, enjoy the days and find good and beauty (and take your wonderful photos - I'm so grateful for the beautiful images you share). I pray that you have peace of mind.

  2. Ugh! I hope it turns out just to be a cyst.

  3. Jay, I am taking everyone's advice and trying to focus on the holidays. But it doesn't always make it easier. Lois has been dragging me out of the house to get pictures. It certainly helps. Wishing you a wonderful holiday. Be well.

    Laoch, Me too. Stay warm and have a great Christmas.

  4. Random cysts can occur.
    I developed a ovarian cyst a couple of months after my transplant. After removal, turned out to be benign. Doc kinda explained it as just one way for the body to complain for everything it is going through.

  5. xoxoxo sending blessings - may you be surrounded in grace.