Wednesday, October 5, 2011

In the Past Week

   This really isn't worthy of being called a post but, I am feeling guilty that I haven't had anything to write lately.
   Not a lot happening these days. I had new labs and everything dropped slightly, but my MELD score stayed the same. I am still holding at 22. My muscles really hurt.
   Lois had an esophagram (barrium swallow) and a CT scan. They were able to confirm that the fundoplication had slipped up above the diaphragm. Lois says she can feel everything she eats or drinks in her ribcage. She is still miserable and we are waiting to hear back from the doctor on what to do next.
   In the past two months my hair color has gone from black to blue to purple and now I'm green. Lois refuses to dye it red.
   That is all. I need some cake.


  1. Dont knock purple hair ha. Get it cut into a mohawk or something and really rock the look ha.
    Hope things get easier soon.