Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nothing Much Happened Today

There's not a lot going on. I seem to be really tired all the time. Every day this past week I have slept more than usual. One day I slept for almost 13 hours, plus I still took cat naps after I woke up. I have also had stomach aches in the mornings that usually last for a while. Sometimes all day. I am really getting tired of that.
I don't know if I mentioned it, but my coordinator called me after I got my last results and said that even though I dropped 3 points on my score last time, I am still somewhere at the top of the list. I take that to be good news. I will get new labs on Nov 10, when they have me come in again. I am worried about my score dropping though, it makes me nervous.
(taps fingers...)
I did manage to get my bathroom all sparkling clean and disinfected the way I wanted it. It makes me smile. I don't even want to go in there anymore. And I keep trying to stay current on house projects we have going on. Nothing big.
Today I have been on the waiting list for two years and two months.
Well, that is all.


  1. Just get plenty of rest, there will be time to do jobs once your back on the mend

  2. Hey, a clean bathroom is a great victory. Congratulations :)

    There is a sense of peace I'm getting from your post. At least, I hope so. XOXO

  3. Two years and two months really seam a lot of time to wait. So now you have to wait maybe about four months...think that next spring you'll be able to enjoy all the new rebirth of nature with much more strength and health! Isn't it wonderful?
    By the way how is Aly doing? Sincerely hope she's ok now.
    Stay well and calm, my friend.
    All the best to the four of you.

  4. Boo to the tiredness and tummy aches. My bathrooms could use a good cleaning - and the kitchen floor too. Maybe next week. You and your family continue to be in my thoughts. Thanks for keeping us posted.

  5. thinkin' about you right now...sending healing light and prayers for healing your way! Don't waste precious energy writing!

  6. just stopping by so you know I'm thinking of you...don't write