Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happiness is...

I have been getting a lot of muscle cramps in my legs lately. The cramps generally hit my calves in my legs and they hurt like hell, sometimes causing me to cramp up in my hands or feet when I start tightening up. Our little trek to Tanner park the other day really made me sore and I cramped up the following day while I was watching a movie at the theater.
I usually end up screaming out in pain, but because I was in the theater I had to endure it while my body slowly did its contortionist thing and made me look all weird and scary. I'm sure the people sitting up in the rows above me were quite amused by all the body movement I was doing. They were probably thinking: "Okay, that guy is just creepy. Honey, I think we should move."
I had been taking a muscle relaxer that the doctors gave me, but they had me stop taking it because they didn't want me feeling so tired and they wanted me to stay more clear headed. But the problem with discontinuing the drug only made things worse when the cramps returned. Eventually after a couple of months I asked the doctors if there was something else I could take and they told me I could go back on the muscle relaxer. That was good, except I just started back on the pills and they haven't really done a lot to help yet. I have been limping since our park excursion and the theater fiasco.
Yesterday we went to Thanksgiving Point to see the flower gardens and as we started out Lois joking asked if I wanted a wheel chair they had for rent. I told her, "Yes!" But the truth was I was joking and I wouldn't have used one anyway. Not yet, anyways. We also noticed that they had Segways and golf carts for rent and decided that we didn't want to walk through three miles of trails when they had golf carts available. That was the coolest thing we could have done.
We started out with Lois driving and a half a mile later Aly was just dying to drive the cart. Naturally we had to let her drive for a while. I think she kind of got spooked and then I took over. We did this for about two or three hours and drove all the trails and took lots and lots of pictures. The place was beautiful and we had never been there before. We visited the dinosaur museum years ago when they first opened the place but, we had not been back since.
I don't have much else to share. I don't go back to the doctor until August and I will have my MELD score checked again sometime before my appointment. I am still getting awfully tired and there are noticeable changes that I see on a daily basis. I do my best to deal with them and that is about all I can do. Right now my focus is just to stay healthy and spend time with my family. There is a certain love and bliss that comes with all that. Falling in love all over again. Having children again. Every moment seems new to me sometimes. I suppose it is like holding on to not letting go. I am happy.


  1. I am glad that you are happy, despite the spasms. I love that you guys are getting out and doing things as a family. So many others use the excuse of not feeling great to put it off. I am guilty of that myself. As always, thinking of you and your family and wishing the best for you all. <3

  2. OMG...I remember those muscle cramps so well. My husband would have them so badly at times that he was on his knees in tears. The whole family would be gathered around him massaging his legs, trying to find some relief for him. Unfortunately he never did find any effective relief. That is, until he got his transplant. They totally disappeared immediately. Along with the yellow eyes and the nose bleeds. Your day will come, buddy. Hang in there.

    Linda, Wichita

  3. Thank you, Linda. It would be nice to get rid of the bloody noses too. But those cramps can be pretty awful.

  4. The cramps you get are they like charlie horse cramps? I beleive when you are lacking in calcium your body cramps up more. Have you tried more vitamins/minerals? It can only help...what about stretching out like yoga? does that help or hurt? These are things that help me, just want to share what works for me. Good luck:)

  5. Not sure if it would do much use, and you might need to check with your doctor first, but sometimes quienie can help with cramps, it can be found in small amounts in tonic water. Might be worth a try.

    And there is nothing wrong with using a wheel chair should you need it. But you are also right to prolong not using it for as long as possible.

  6. I'm glad that your focus is on what brings you the most happiness and love. Family is a crucial component to any successful endeavor in life.

  7. It's good to hear that you are finding a way to stay with your experience and be present for the good parts as well as the painful ones. And it's so great that you have a loving family to help you through it.

    Erm, this is probably not going to help with staying clear-headed, but pot is a good muscle relaxant. I hear. :D