Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 2

It snowed last night. At 4:30 in the evening the clouds hung over the valley like a thick blanket and the mountain tops of the Wasatch front were all but buried in them. It looked so beautiful. I wanted to go for a drive in the mountains.


I took the girls to see New Moon and it really is nothing more than a love story in every sense. Oddly enough I never have cared for vampire movies. I am a science-fiction/horror flick nut, but I have always passed on the old Dracula movies. I remember seeing all the b/w Bela Lugosi movies and I think they kind of creeped me out. And I never did care for Anne Rampling.
I liked New Moon, although this Pattinson guy and Stewart aren't very good actors. I'm pretty sure Stewart plays that same role in everything she does. And just when I thought Pattinson couldn't get any weirder he goes and pulls his shirt off. I think she should have stuck with the wolfman. 
I actually like the Cullen's clan. The blonde not so much. I think Ashley Greene steals the movie just by being in it.


I am off work for the next 10 days. This is day 2 and I have a sick daughter with a temperature of 101. I'm almost afraid to go near her for fear of catching something. I guess I could use some long handled prongs to slide her water and toast and stuff. I should get me some masks for times like these.



That is all.


  1. I hope your baby girl feels better soon! (Hope she didn't catch vampirism from the theater!)

  2. There were shockingly long lines to see that movie this weekend. What surprised me was that there were so many middle aged women waiting in those lines.

  3. *mary*
    She seemed to do much better as the day progressed. May have to keep her home one more day.

    Laoch, We bought our tickets online and then showed up early. I was telling Lois that there were a large number of older women there. I'd say they out-numbered the teenagers 2 to 1. Maybe even 3 to 1.